• Do Images Affect Your SEO Ranking

Do Images Affect Your SEO Ranking

In the modern competitive business arena, your ability to come up with a strategy to beat your competitors is the secret to emerging a winner. SEO optimization is one of the tricks to stand out in the virtual arena. As a webpreneur or blogger, you understand the essentiality of securing a top position in the search engine ranking.

High traffic and clicks, as well as reduced bouncing rate, are some of the necessities of retaining your top position. Do images on your site offer you any advantage? Or else is a picture essential to securing better SEO ranking? Maybe these are some of the questions you might be asking as you decide to upload the highly available free images. To help you in the process, here are the roles of images in your search engine ranking:

Images help you to stand out

When you use images on your website particularly original ones, you create attractive emotions in your ideal customers. The images present you as a unique gem among the rest. This way it makes it easier for you to pitch your ideas to the audience. As a result, you turn your site into a reliable source of information or products for the online visitors. This way, you increase visitors hence solidifying your search engine position.

Visuals are attractive

Probably, one of the reasons you read news from either online or offline sources is due to the visuals associated with them. A unique picture always pulls a group of readers and grabs their attention. Hence, they do not have an alternative other than clicking through to see the story behind the image. When this happens on your website, you get one step ahead through increasing your traffic. Consequently, your site moves one position up the rank.

Google loves images

One secret you need to know is that when you embed an image in your content, you woo the Google crawling robots. However, you need to optimize your images to ensure they do not have an impact on other ranking aspects. Also, when you are using free images, it is essential to improve on them to ensure they are unique and compatible with various computing screens. This way, it will be easier for the crawling robots to award you with a better position on the search engine results.

All in all, images whether free or paid for are essential in enhancing your SEO ranking.

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