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Consider These 3 Aspects before Using Animal Pictures on Your Blog

Do you want to enhance your website attractiveness? Animal pictures are the next interesting and wooing component you can use to pull traffic. Naturally, people love animals. You too, you have a pet in your house. Also, you love traveling to study about various animal species. Rather, your goal is to come across and have an opportunity to interact with different animals.

Particularly, you want to see the big five and other animals with unique behaviors. When it comes to the online platform, using an animal image can be the key to traffic breakthrough on your website. However, not all animals are attractive. Here are some of the aspects to look for before using animal images on your blog:

Your blog purpose

Imagine you are running a blog about beauty trying to convince people on how to be appealing and attractive. While that is your title, you upload an image of a hyena. Do you think people will fall in love with your tips? Unless you are advising them on how to change the look and consider the current one to be the same with that of a hyena, and state the same on the content, your audience will have a different interpretation. As such, use animal pictures with a relevant message as that of your content. For instance, if you are talking about courageousness and brave, you can use a lion’s image.

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Use images of animals with unique behaviors

Uniqueness is attractive across the board. Whether it is a unique character in human or other creatures, it will draw the audience’s attention. With this in your mind, you should always ensure the animal images you are using on your website or blog posts associated with that creature’s unique behavior. This way, you can create uniqueness in your site which can become a point of winning the online competition.

Ensure the animal is scarce to find

You know the statement that normal is boring. The same applies to the online platform. Images of animals that are common and do not have some special traits will not woo any audience. For instance, it is hard for a visitor to click a site showing cattle images unless there are unique traits featured in it. In contrary, people are likely to click a site showing a polar bear image. However, you need to consider your audience and ensure the animal pictures you are featuring on your site are not common in their area or on online sources.

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